Cyclical Farming

It all starts with the sugar beet. Sugar beet crops cover around 25% of all Dutch farmland. So, the potential impact of sugar beet cultivation is enormous. That is why in this circle, we are working to develop a resilient, circular system for cultivation that will strengthen farming practices, nature, water and soil in West-Brabant. This circle contains various lines of action.

Strip cropping

We are currently work at and together with Landgoed De Dassenburg on a seven-year strip cropping pilot on 12 hectares of land. Here we grow various types of crops in adjacent strips. The idea behind is that the natural diversity this entails will help protect the harvesting of all crops. This pilot project lets us explore this and how it affects the field and surroundings. And, of course, we are interested in determining whether this growing method is economically feasible. 

Partners: Cosun Beet Company, farmer Eugène van den Eijnden, CZAV

Agriculture and public green spaces

We also want to use nature as a partner in another area. By adapting public green spaces, we can test whether it is possible to attract useful insects. These insects can protect the grower’s crop against diseases and harmful insects. We are doing this at several pilot locations in West-Brabant, including Bloemendijk. This pilot is part of the Intergovernmental Programme for a Vital Countryside in the Southwest Delta. 

Partners: Cosun Beet Company, Naturalis, PNB, farmers, CZAV, PZH, Wageningen University & Research, ZLTO, Bras Fijnaart, SENSUS, Brabantse Delta Water Authority, Municipality of Steenbergen, Municipality of Roosendaal, Delphy, University of Amsterdam, Bijenlandschap