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Sugar beet; source of innovation

Together with around 9,000 beet growers and 850 employees, we work on producing plant-based solutions for a sustainable future. This includes food products, animal feed, protein from beet foliage, biobased products, and green energy: Bright Beet Solutions. We work with passion to get the best out of the beets and to contribute together to a circular economy. There is no waste; we make optimal use of all parts of sugar beets.

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135 Applications

Sugar beets as a replacement for petroleum? It could very well be possible. The potential of the beet as a source for innovative and sustainable solutions in the food and non-food sectors is tremendously vast. We can already name 135 possible applications. That's precisely what we do in the Bright Beet Book, the world's first book made from beet paper. Browse through it and let yourself be amazed by the incredible potential of the beet.

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This sugar campaign goes beyond sugar alone

15 February 2024

At the start of this month, our two Dutch factories received that the last sugar beets of this campaign. This marks the conclusion of this year’s sugar beet campaign. Reflecting on the achievement,...

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Annual beet campaign started again

20 September 2023

From today, all Cosun Beet Company factories are back to processing sugar beet. The factories in Dinteloord and Hoogkerk (Groningen) received the first beets this morning. Processing already started...

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The use of sugar beet for bio-based materials and the effects on food security

15 June 2023

Renewable Carbon Initiative, of which Cosun Beet Company is a founding member, publishes new insights into a hotly debated topic and urges for careful and evidence-based argumentation. In its latest publication,...

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sugar beet growers

1136000 ton

sugar per annum

596 million

turnover in 2018

81600 ha

sugar beet area

54400 ton

daily beet processing

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