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This sugar campaign goes beyond sugar alone

15 February 2024

At the start of this month, our two Dutch factories received that the last sugar beets of this campaign. This marks the conclusion of this year’s sugar beet campaign. Reflecting on the achievement,...

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Annual beet campaign started again

20 September 2023

From today, all Cosun Beet Company factories are back to processing sugar beet. The factories in Dinteloord and Hoogkerk (Groningen) received the first beets this morning. Processing already started...

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The use of sugar beet for bio-based materials and the effects on food security

15 June 2023

Renewable Carbon Initiative, of which Cosun Beet Company is a founding member, publishes new insights into a hotly debated topic and urges for careful and evidence-based argumentation. In its latest publication,...

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What exactly is in those big tanks?

11 May 2023

The Cosun Beet Company factories in Dinteloord and Vierverlaten are once again buzzing with activity. The reason? The start of the thick juice campaign. The what? The thick juice campaign. This is the...

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Suiker Unie
aims to make
the most out of
sugar beets. 

It develops, produces, and sells sugar and sugar specialities. Furthermore, all parts of the sugar beets are processed into products that can be used in food, biobased products, the generation of green energy, animal feed, and Betacal (lime fertilizer).

The Dutch beet campaign has ended

31 January 2023

Last weekend, the sugar factory in Vierverlaten in the province of Groningen processed the last sugar beets of the 2022-2023 campaign. In Dinteloord, the campaign ended in the night of Thursday 26 January....

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Fidesse®: a new functional ingredient for meat substitutes

01 December 2022

Consumers are more often opting for plant-based alternatives like meat substitutes. Fidesse®, a new innovative and functional ingredient for meat substitutes, provides just the right texture and juiciness...

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Revisiting the past with the Beet Tour

08 November 2022

A brief step back in time, to when sugar beets were still transported to the sugar factories by flat-bottom boat…. the Beet Tour recaptures the past! This year’s event was particularly special...

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