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Dutch beet campaign has been completed

26 January 2022

The Dutch sugar beet campaign has been completed. The last beet to the sugar factory in Hoogkerk (Groningen) was delivered on Friday 14 January, while the last shipment of sugar beet to the factory in...

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Last part of former sugar factory site in Puttershoek sold

18 January 2022

Last December, the final section of the site in Puttershoek was handed over to the Belgian buyer, AG Insurance. This marks the end of the extensive efforts undertaken by both the Cosun Beet Company and...

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Launch of the Bright Beet Book: more than 130 versatile sugar beet applications

25 November 2021

From pastries to vegan hamburgers, from sports clothes to cosmetics, from antifreeze agents in vaccines to replacements for microplastics. With all its versatility, the sugar beet is a key component in...

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Suiker Unie
aims to make
the most out of
sugar beets. 

It develops, produces, and sells sugar and sugar specialities. Furthermore, all parts of the sugar beets are processed into products that can be used in food, biobased products, the generation of green energy, animal feed, and Betacal (lime fertilizer).

Cosun Beet Company’s speciality factory runs on self-generated green energy

12 October 2021

Since this summer, production at the Cosun Beet Company’s speciality factory in Puttershoek has been powered by self-produced green energy. This energy is generated at the neighbouring Cosun Solar...

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Online launch of the Bright Beet Book on 25 November 2021

05 October 2021

Cosun Beet Company will launch its Bright Beet Book on 25 November. The book is a compilation of more than 130 eye-opening applications that are based on sugar beet. Sugar beet has enormous potential....

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Dutch beet campaign has started

13 September 2021

Tody, on Monday 13 September, the beet campaign in the Dutch factories has started, while it began a week earlier, on Tuesday 7 September, at our German factory (Anklam). According to the current...

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Transport of 270,000 tonnes of beet more sustainable by ship

09 September 2021

In this campaign, Cosun Beet Company will transport 270,000 tonnes of sugar beet from South Limburg to the factory in Dinteloord by ship. This follows on from the successful pilot in 2020 and the productive...

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