Bright Beet Solutions

The sugar beet as a source of innovative solutions. These days, we can make all sorts of products from sugar beets. This means that we can use them for far more than sugar. We create solutions that are needed for the current social challenges and for a sustainable future.

Our vision

We aim to make optimal use of all the components of sugar beets. This will mean that the sugar beet will be a 100% circular resource that does not produce waste. Our strategy is a response to the changing needs of consumers and new market opportunities, by focusing on sustainability and innovation. As such, we provide  the solutions that are needed for the current social challenges that we all face. If you would like to know more about our name and strategy, then feel free to watch the video and to contact us.

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Cosun Beet Company’s ambition is to be the greenest, most innovative, and most successful sugar beet processor. Our key focus is sustainability, innovation, and an awareness of the world around us. Sugar beets represent a source of inspiration for high-quality solutions in this regard. Future-proof. This includes food products, animal feed, protein from sugar beet leaves, biobased household products, ingredients for cosmetics – including vegan cosmetics – and green energy: Bright Beet Solutions

In the past 100 years, Cosun Beet Company has developed from a small group of beet growers into the most efficient sugar producer in Europe as of 2020. We are a player on the global market. Each day, Cosun Beet Company and its 9,000 arable farmer members extract the best that beets have to offer. As of July 2020, the coöperatie van bietentelers (cooperation of beet growers, formerly known as Suiker Unie) will go by a name that fits its international profile and represents its dedication to sugar beets: Cosun Beet Company.

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