Sugar and health

Cosun Beet Company is a firm believer in the benefits of providing good information on healthy lifestyles and especially on the use of sugar. The western world is seeing an increase in lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Cosun Beet Company is working hard to help find a solution.

Cosun Beet Company endorses the Good Nutrition Guidelines of the Health Council. Cosun Beet Company is a member of and also subscribes to the positions of the Federation of Dutch Food Industries (FNLI). As a umbrella organization and advocate for approximately 500 companies and 18 industry associations, FNLI is the proactive representative for the food industry and represents them in the societal dialogue. In 2018, the FNLI, on behalf of Cosun Beet Company among others, signed the National Prevention Agreement, which contains agreements to make the Dutch population healthier by reducing smoking, problematic alcohol use, and overweight.

Sugar is part of a varied diet. But overconsumption is not healthy. That applies to all foodstuffs, including sugar. Sugar is a sweet condiment that is added to many types of foodstuffs. Please check the product packaging if you want to know more about the amount of sugar in a product. If you want further information about sugar, the information displayed below can help you.

For professionals: Knowledge Centre sugar and nutrition
The Dutch 'Kenniscentrum suiker & voeding' carries out research and compiles scientific information on the relationship between sugar and health and provides information to health professionals (dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, etc.).

For consumers:
How do you make sugar? How much sugar do we eat in a year? What is diabetes? Consumers looking for reliable and practical information on sugar and carbohydrates can find the answers at (in Dutch)

Clear information on the nutrition facts label
Cosun Beet Company bears its responsibilities in other ways, too, for example by providing clear information on nutrition facts labels. Van Gilse’s consumer packs state the nutritional value of the product and advise consumers on the importance of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.


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