Organic sugar - processing

The first organic beet campaign in Anklam is scheduled for 2023. Until then, the organically grown beets are transported to Switzerland by train, where they are processed into organic sugar. In April, the first tonnes of our Swiss-produced organic sugar will be available for sale, supported by the Dutch sales team.

First organic campaign in 2023

The first campaign for organic beets in 2023 will last one week. This campaign is possible because more and more growers are becoming convinced of the benefits of organic beet cultivation. In 2021, there were ten farms growing organic beet crops on 236 hectares, while the total acreage this year has already exceeded 500 hectares. Around 900 to 1,000 hectares will be planted for 2023. This should provide the Cosun Beet Company in Anklam with a yield of 6,600 tonnes of organic sugar. As a requirement for producing this sugar, the organic certification process has been completed. This certification requires a strict separation of the products until they are delivered to customers, which takes place all year round with organic sugar. In preparation for this, a new sugar silo is being built with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes, which will be used to store the organic sugar. A new packing facility will also have to be built. In Anklam, the smallest bag volume is 50 kg, while consumers prefer bags ranging from 10 to 25 kg. From the moment the product is processed and packed directly in Anklam, the packaging process also meets the sustainability criterion in that the organic sugar is packed in bags made of beet paper. This is one of the ways we are working towards a sustainable expansion of our range. 


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