Organic sugar - processing

Organically grown sugar beets will be processed for the first time in the organic sugar beet campaign in Anklam in 2023.  For this, the sugar beet campaign will be placed on hold for organic processing. In this way, the maximum period of growth of organic sugar beets will be fully utilised and the maximum yield will be achieved. In the organic sugar beet campaign of 2023, it is anticipated that the first stage will involve the production of organic thick juice, which will be stored until the spring of 2024. This will then be further processed to produce organic sugar in the thick juice campaign.

Organic sugar and sustainability

The organic sugar will be packed in sacks made of sugar beet paper in a way which is completely consistent with the principle of sustainability. This is because our ultimate aim is to use every part of the sugar beet. In addition to organic sugar, by-products like carbonated lime (‘Carbokalk’), beet pulp and molasses are utilised. The production of the organic animal feed is of great benefit to regional businesses, as good-quality organic animal feed has up until now not been available in the northeast of Germany or has only been able to be obtained after transportation over long distances.