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Suiker Unie is partnering Naturalis Biodiversity Center and the province of North Brabant to work on sustainability. Five key themes have been agreed within the green circles: biobased, energy, logistics, circular agriculture and the living environment. Within each theme, the partners will collaborate with other stakeholders.

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On 18 April 2019, Suiker Unie, the province of North Brabant, and Naturalis Biodiversity Center signed a covenant to jointly pursue further sustainability. Green Circles’ Circular Sugar Beet Chain. The aim of the chain: 'In the sugar beet chain, we are working to achieve a circular society that sees nature as its partner.'

We want to work with more and more stakeholders to become sustainable on the basis of five theme circles: bio-based, a greener living environment, circular agriculture, energy, and logistics. The transition teams that are working on these themes organize network meetings at which interested parties can contribute ideas and work together on collaborative projects to increase sustainability.

If you are interested in a specific circle, please feel free to contact us.


Contact person

Circular agriculture Henk Gerbers


Nico Antens


Corné Meeuwissen

A greener living environment

Koos Biesmeijer


Arno Huijsmans 

We can change as a single company, but we can achieve much more if we work together. Green Circles’ strength is co-creation, where companies, knowledge institutes, NGOs, local residents, and government organizations join forces to achieve a circular society.


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