About us

The ambition of Cosun Beet Company (formerly known as Suiker Unie) is to be the greenest, most innovative and most successful sugar beet processor in the world. With some 850 employees, we are already one of the most efficient sugar producers in Europe. As well as developing, producing and selling sugar and sugar specialities, we process all parts of the sugar beet into natural ingredients for the food, energy, biobased and related industries. All components of the beet are used, nothing is wasted. Corporate sustainability is woven into our strategy for the benefit of our customers, growers and staff.

Extracting all the value from the sugar beet. Our goals are:

  • Climate control and closed loop supply chains in a biobased economy. In the longer term we will replace fossil-based products with biobased alternatives made from renewable raw materials grown, for example, on local farms.
  • Food security instead of food shortages.
  • Higher yield per hectare so that scarce natural resources are used to produce food, energy and chemicals.

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