Challenging career

Cosun Beet Company offers candidates with the right background, experience and ambition interesting opportunities in a variety of disciplines and an excellent package of employment conditions. Those who come through the application procedure can explore many avenues for a challenging career with lots of responsibility and variety. Cosun Beet Company gives high priority to the development of talent. With the expertise and experience gained from our operations and training courses, talented staff can continuously deepen and widen their skills.

Professional and involved employer

Cosun Beet Company can become the world’s greenest, most innovative and most successful beet processor only if our staff are able to work to the best of their ability. We help them realise their full potential in many ways. As an employer, we want to be both professional and involved. The examples below show how we achieve this.

The long-term TPM improvement programme increases efficiency and minimises waste. It also gives our people more responsibility and personal development opportunities. It promotes team spirit and makes the work even more enjoyable.

At Cosun Beet Company, safety is a fundamental precondition underpinning all our operations. We have taken many, far-reaching measures to achieve it. Our motto is, We work safely or we don’t work at all. It reflects our comprehensive sense of safety awareness.

TPM           Safety first    


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