Juiciness. Bite. Versatility. Your plant-based or hybride food needs a texturiser that combines these key properties. Fidesse®, a new and upcycled food ingredient based solely on sugar beet pulp, offers all this – and more! When it comes to applications such as meat alternatives or fingerfood, consumers don’t want to compromise on taste, colour or texture. With Fidesse®, they don’t have to.

Sugar beet pulp is a valuable side stream of sugar production. Using a unique technology, beet pulp is carefully processed to produce an ingredient that is both functional and nutritional.

A great example of a plant-based product with Fidesse® is the Aviko falafel burger. Read more on the collaboration between Aviko and Cosun Beet Company.

Why choose Fidesse®?

Fidesse® offers a wide range of advantages.

  • Texture. Fidesse® provides excellent texture and bite to all kinds of plant-based food, and can be added as an ingredient in coextrusion.
  • Juiciness. Fidesse® retains water excellently, and releases it during consumption to add juiciness to your product.
  • Neutral taste and colour. This unique characteristic lets you apply Fidesse® in both low and high dosages, helping you create the perfect product.
  • Versatility. Fidesse® can be used in a wide range of applications. It can also be used as it is, or easily ground into smaller particles


  • Plant-based and locally grown. The sole source of Fidesse® is sugar beet pulp from locally grown sugar beet, giving it a low footprint. As it is 100% plant based, it is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
  • Healthy. Fidesse® is low in fat and high in fibres.
  • High availability. Fidesse® is available locally in large quantities through a short supply chain.
  • Easy to use: Fidesse® is individually quick frozen (IQF) into easy to handle free flowing particals.

Curious about Fidesse’s® potential for your products?

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