The first thing that comes to mind with sugar beets is sugar. And, of course, that is the primary product that we currently create from our sugar beets. But the sugar beet has so much more to offer. Sugar is an important and promising building block for a wide range of products that are currently based on fossil resources. That is why we are working with partners to explore new possibilities to use sugar beets to accelerate the circular economy.

Co-creation in four focal areas

Since the number of potential uses is wide-ranging, it is important to categorise the research. Together with our partners, we are exploring possibilities in four areas:

  • Packaging
  • Care products
  • Building and construction
  • Adhesives, inks and coatings

Partners: Company Beet Company Biobased Experts, Naturalis, Province of Noord-Brabant, Green Chemistry Campus, Circular Biobased Delta and Leiden University