Cosun Beet Company’s responsibilities begin in the fields where the sugar beet are grown. Some 9,000 farmers grow sugar beet on 80,000 hectares in the Netherlands. The growers are members of our cooperative.

Cosun Beet Company works closely with them through a national network of field staff to ensure that beet farming is smart and sustainable. The benefits of optimising the beet yield and reducing the environmental footprint are two-fold: a healthy, vigorous crop and a minimal ecological impact.

The main factors for a healthy crop are

  • the high quality of the sowing seed
  • the highest possible sugar yield per hectare
  • field-specific fertilisation: the minimal use of fertilisers
  • minimal use of crop protection agents
  • minimal tare soil attaching to the beet
  • optimal beet logistics

Cosun Beet Company and its growers work productively in the above areas with the Institute for Rational Sugar Production (IRS). The IRS is the expertise and research centre for sugar beet in the Netherlands. We also provide field-specific information and advice via the Beet Advisory System (BAS) and other crop registration systems.