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Cosun Beet Company is partnering Naturalis Biodiversity Center and the province of North Brabant to work on sustainability. Five key themes have been agreed within the green circles: biobased, energy, logistics, circular agriculture and the living environment. Within each theme, the partners will collaborate with other stakeholders.

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Since 2019, the Cosun Beet Company, Naturalis and Province of Noord-Brabant have been using the Green Circles method within the sugar beet chain to work towards a circular economy, attractive living environment, strong nature and futureproof farming. Together we carry out projects and pilots, conduct research and share knowledge – about natural disease control and ways to replace petroleum with natural products. We combine our efforts with over 15 partners in pursuing common goals. And have already achieved fantastic results! What have we accomplished? Have a look at the infographic and read all about the results below.

It all starts with the sugar beet. Sugar beet crops cover around 25% of all Dutch farmland. So, the potential impact of sugar beet cultivation is enormous. That is why in this circle, we are working to develop a resilient, circular system for cultivation that will strengthen farming practices, nature, water and soil in West-Brabant. This circle contains various lines of action.

Working together to achieve a liveable and attractive landscape. After all, this benefits all of us. So, this circle focuses on connection, greenification and safety.

If we together can make the sugar factories carbon-neutral, the surrounding areas will also benefit. How exactly? That is a puzzle we are trying to solve together with local partners.

The first thing that comes to mind with sugar beets is sugar. And, of course, that is the primary product that we currently create from our sugar beets. But the sugar beet has so much more to offer. Sugar is an important and promising building block for a wide range of products that are currently based on fossil resources. That is why we are working with partners to explore new possibilities to use sugar beets to accelerate the circular economy.

The transport of sugar beets to our factories is one of the largest logistics operations in the Netherlands. Together with our partners, we are working to achieve more sustainable logistics.

If you are interested in a specific circle, please feel free to contact us.


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Circular agriculture Henk Gerbers


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Corné Meeuwissen

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Arno Huijsmans 

We can change as a single company, but we can achieve much more if we work together. Green Circles’ strength is co-creation, where companies, knowledge institutes, NGOs, local residents, and government organizations join forces to achieve a circular society.


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