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Online launch of the Bright Beet Book on 25 November 2021

05 October 2021

Cosun Beet Company will launch its Bright Beet Book on 25 November. The book is a compilation of more than 130 eye-opening applications that are based on sugar beet. Sugar beet has enormous potential....

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Dutch beet campaign has started

13 September 2021

Tody, on Monday 13 September, the beet campaign in the Dutch factories has started, while it began a week earlier, on Tuesday 7 September, at our German factory (Anklam). According to the current...

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Transport of 270,000 tonnes of beet more sustainable by ship

09 September 2021

In this campaign, Cosun Beet Company will transport 270,000 tonnes of sugar beet from South Limburg to the factory in Dinteloord by ship. This follows on from the successful pilot in 2020 and the productive...

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Van Gilse kilo granulated sugar bags made from sugar beet paper

30 July 2021

As from this summer, sugar beet pulp will be used to make Van Gilse kilo bags of granulated sugar. The kilo bags will be on sale in supermarkets. Sugar beet paper is a ground breaking innovation of Cosun...

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Cosun Beet Company 100% owner of Limako trading company

08 June 2021

Cosun Beet Company became the sole owner of the international sugar trading company Limako bv in May 2021. It acquired the remaining 49% of shares from ED&F Man, the one of the world’s biggest...

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Cosun Beet Company starts refining thick juice

18 May 2021

Today, the annual processing of thick juice into sugar has started in Dinteloord. Earlier, the factories in Vierverlaten and Anklam also started with refining thick juice. Thick juice is an intermediate...

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Cosun Beet Company joins forces with Avantium

22 April 2021

Cosun Beet Company and Avantium N.V. have the ambition to jointly construct and operate the first commercial plant for the production of plant-based glycols using Avantium’s Ray Technology™....

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Online talkshow 'Bright Beet Solutions'

21 April 2021

We look back with satisfaction at the online event 'Bright Beet Solutions' on April 15, 2021. During the online event, moderator Esther van Rijswijk spoke with Paul Mesters (CEO), Olaf van...

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Beet paper packaging for industrial customers

15 February 2021

Cosun Beet Company has taken a huge step forwards to using sustainable sugar beet paper in industrial 25 kg bags. Zeelandia, an international manufacturer of bread and pastry ingredients, has tested the...

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