Sugar beet paper is a groundbreaking innovation by Cosun Beet Company and paper producer Crown Van Gelder. The paper, called Crown Native, is made with 20% sugar beet fibre from beet pulp, a side stream of sugar production and is a sustainable substitute for wood fibers.

More information about Crown Native

Environmental impact

The sugar beet paper has a significantly lower environmental footprint. This is done in several areas: from reducing CO2 emissions and particulate matter formation to less agricultural land. Due to the local cultivation, fewer transport movements are also required.

Industrial market

We have now introduced this innovative packaging, which contains 20% of sugar beet fibre, in our industrial packaging portfolio. We succeeded in developing a 25kg bag which shows no substantial differences when comparing this to the standard paper bag. To determine whether they behave like standard bags during their life-cycle at customers, we have tested the packaging extensively, and with great results! Using locally sourced virgin fibres from sugar beet, this paper is suitable for food packaging. Fully FDA compliant and BfR36 approved.

Van Gilse packaging

Van Gilse is the first brand to use sugar packaging made from its own sugar beet fibers. Since the summer of 2021, Van Gilse's 1 kg bags have been packed in sugar beet paper. After this we will expand the applications step by step, including our 750 gram bags.

How to recognize sugar beet paper?

The paper contains brown dots, which can be seen on the outside and inside of the packaging. These are dark pieces of crutch particles from the "skin" of the sugar beet. The sugar beet produces these cork particles for protection when it rubs against something, for example during transport.

Crown Native is a collaboration with Crown Van Gelder and Duynie Group


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