Basic properties of invert sugar syrup:

  • Invert sugar consists of equal parts of glucose and fructose.
  • Clear and lightly coloured. Slightly viscous.

There are two ways to invert sugar, by adding an acid or by using enzymes. As well as fully inverted sugar, Cosun Beet Company also produces partially inverted sugar solutions.

Functional benefits:

  • Good moisture stabilizer as a result of which products keep fresh (e.g. cake).
  • Improves organoleptic properties of fruit aromas.
  • Baking products get an attractive golden-brown colour relatively quickly, in addition to an appetising taste (e.g. gingerbread, brownies).
  • Preserving properties thanks to the reduction of water activity (e.g. fruit preparations, preserved food).
  • Inhibits crystallization in sweets (e.g. fondant).
  • Freezing point lowering effect (e.g. sorbet stays softer and easier to scoop).
  Dry matter (%) Saccharose (% of dry matter) pH
Vercosine® with the
aid of an acid
80,0 Max. 5,0 2,0 - 4,5
Invertall® with the
aid of invertase
74,0 Max. 0,2 4,0 - 6,5
Invert sugar syrup 76/50 76,0 45-50 3,5 - 4,5
Invert sugar syrup 72.5/62 72,5 30-45 4,0 - 7,0


Functionality in applications​




Freezing point lowering

Colour mixture

Moisture regulation

Crystallization inhibitor

Longer life: 
water activity reduction




Muesli bars





Ice cream





Sweets (fondant)







Preserved food/pickles






Fruit preparations













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