Basic properties of icing sugar:​

  • Easy to process and free-flowing. Controlled in-line conditioning and addition of suitable anti-caking agents provide the proper flow behaviour.
  • Easy to measure quantity.
  • Can be mixed well and homogenously with, for instance, dry powder mixes.
  • The packaging protects the product against moisture.
  • Wide range of uses in the food industry, for industrial products and products prepared according to traditional methods.
  • Tailor-made solutions are possible with anti-caking agents and other ingredients.

Functional advantages of icing sugar:

  • Decorative properties (e.g. for toppings on cakes and pastries). 
  • Regulates the flow behaviour.
  • Provides biscuits with fine structure/texture.
  • Suitable as a basis for glazing mass and (pre)mixes for bakeries.
  • Also for powder mixes for hot and cold drinks (dissolves more quickly).
  • Improves the flavour and texture of butter creams and chocolate.
  • Increases the volume of meringue products.
  • Very fine coating for gum sweets.

Basic parameters


Anti-caking agent Average particle size (mm) Fraction > 0.1 mm (%)
Pure icing sugar None

0,02                    0,03


Icing sugar with starch Starch 4-5%

0,02                    0,03


Icing sugar TCP Tricalcium phosphate 0.6 - 0.8%

0,02                    0,03


Starmelis TCP

Tricalcium phosphate 0.6 - 0.8%

0,03                    0,04


Confectioners’’ sugar Dried glucose syrup 4-5%

0,02                    0,03


Super fine icing sugar

Super fine icing sugar was developed in a unique process in collaboration with Cosun Research & Development. The result is an ultrafine icing sugar with an average particle size of between 10 and 15 μm. It gives products a silky shine and a creamy, soft mouthfeel. To minimise sensitivity to moisture, the milled sugar is conditioned by means of a special technique that creates a lump-free icing sugar with excellent flow properties.

The packing foil has a high moisture barrier to seal in the sugar’s special properties. Super fine icing sugar is a perfect ingredient to make fondant, meringue, glazes, fudges and fillings.


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